Shanti Rehman Nazia Viral Video Link

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Shanti Remhan Nazia Video Link

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But before that we come to know who Shanti Rehman Nazia is, after all her viral videos and after all we know all the information about where Shanti Rehman will live, after that we will tell you about her personal video.

Before watching Shanti Rahman Nazia's personal video, we must know who Shanti Rahman is and why it has become viral on the internet, actually Shanti Rahman's best friend is a girl who comes from Bangladesh and is also a doctor. But we think more like a model than a doctor, because Shanti Rehman mostly posts videos on Tiktok and Instagram, therefore we feel no less than a model, but a model as well as a doctor. is |

Shanti Rehman was born on April 6, 2003, in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He comes from a middle-class family, where his father was a renowned kidney specialist and his mother worked as a police officer. Growing up in a supportive environment, Rehman's parents nurtured his love of dancing from a young age. He developed an interest in movement and rhythm, displaying a natural talent that would later define his career.

Despite her busy schedule, Shanti Rehman stays down to earth and appreciates her family's support. He maintains a close relationship with his older brother, Shikhon Rahman, who has been a pillar of support throughout his journey. Rehman's strong family values ​​and humble upbringing have shaped him into a well-rounded individual.

This video of him has gone viral in Bangladesh because Shanti Rehman is a resident of Bangladesh, if we talk about Tik Tok Shanti Rahe Maan, currently her followers have reached 761k, her Tiktok ID name is @shanti_rehman. At the same time, Shanti Rahman is no less than a model, she makes videos with her brothers and with her sisters. Shanti Rahman currently has 287k followers on Instagram.

If you look at it, Shanti Rehman looks not inferior to a model. Her beauty is very beautiful. Likewise, Shanti Rehman looks very cute. If we talk about her age, she is currently 20 years old.

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